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My Story

Hi! My name is Airibella. Do you recognize my adorable face? I was featured on the GABR youcaring fundraiser site. I was at a shelter with severe injuries. I was hit by a car. Dogs hit by cars typically don't walk away, so I’m very lucky to be alive. The shelter contacted GABR about my condition and the rescue folks pulled me ASAP. I suffered from several gashes, road rash, and my hind legs were messed up pretty bad. I was obviously in a lot of pain. My foster mom took me to the vet and a radiograph revealed that both my hips were dislocated (the head of the femur, which is a ball at the end of the thigh bone, ruptured or pulled away from the ligaments attaching it in the socket of my pelvis). My hips were put back into their proper location with hopes they would stay in place. I was doing well, until my right hip dislocated again. At that point, a surgery called FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy - surgical procedure that involves removing the head/neck part of the femur, the large bone in the hip joints) was required. My foster mom was given a list of do’s and don’t’s and instructions for at-home care. She was also handed an instruction sheet that included the dreaded phrase “ restrict activity” to allow my hips to heal. It's important that my new home understands I still have limitations, but I’ve made great progress. I am actively using my surgical leg (my surgical leg is planted on the ground, but still in a partially weight-bearing position which puts me at risk of dislocating the left hip, again). It can take up to 3 to 6 months before completely using my leg. What makes my recovery tricky is my left hip is still healing too. My foster mom says she can’t wait for the day I will be able to run and play like a pup again!

During my terrible ordeal I have remained sweet and affectionate! I have a fun-loving personality. You couldn’t find a sweeter girl if you tried! There’s never a dull moment with my goofy personality and giant smile. My best attributes are by far my expressive face and happy go lucky attitude. I’m obedient and try hard to please. I enjoy going for walks and car rides. I’ve got the house training thing down (as long as I’m on a schedule). I seek reassurance when meeting new people, but I have learned that I can trust. I’m a bit unsure at first but after a few minutes and treats, my loving side shines through… I’m quick to get over my hesitations as soon as I know no one has bad intentions toward me. I get along great with the other dogs in my foster home. I’m going to need a little more TLC than the average Boxer, but since I love to snuggle, that’s not a problem for me! My foster mom says she is determined to turn my life around and make 2017 my BEST year ever!  Are you ready to welcome me into your home so we can become a family?!


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