About 2 years old
Training classes are a requirement of adopting me. (The rescue requires training classes for all dogs adopted under the age of 3.)
Good with Children?
Yes - 8 or older
Good with Dogs?
Yes - but looking for a home where I can be the only dog (I might be okay with a submissive female).
Good with Cats?
Rumor has it - that I was in a home with 2 cats.

My Story

Hello!  So, my name really isn't R2-D2, but since we already have a handsome stud named Dozer on the website, we had to come up with a code name.  I'm Dozer Pozer as my foster mom calls me.  I'm roughly 2 years old.  You're probably wondering how such a handsome boy ended up in rescue.  I somehow ended up at the Humane Society four times within one year.  Yup - four times.  I like to roam the neighborhood - I like to be FREEEEE!  Anyways, the last time I was there, my prior owners just said 'keep him", guess they got tired of having to bail me out of doggy jail.  Because of this, one hard requirement that my foster mom has, is that in order to adopt me, you have to have a fence.  She doesn't want me to end up in doggy jail again.  It's not fun there.  I got pretty stressed the last time I visited.  Anyways, enough about that.

I'm your typical young boxer boy.  I have lots of energy.  I love to play.  My foster mom finally brought out the toys and I play with them all the time.  I'm finally off of "keep him calm after surgery" restriction.  I had the - no makin' puppies surgery finally.  I'm currently in a home with two other boxers, but would prefer to be an only dog.  Apartment living probably isn't for me, when I'm first put in my kennel for the day, I like to bark and cry, pretty loudly.  I eventually calm down, since I get distracted by the yummy kong in my kennel.  I love peanut butter and all the other goodies that go in there.

My foster mom and foster dad say that I am a pretty amazing dog.  They can't believe that someone gave me up.  I listen really well.  I'm learning the rules of the house.  I know 'sit', 'down', 'drop', 'stay' and 'shake' (both paws).  I'm working on 'leave it'.  I'm one smart cookie!  At least that's what I'm told.

I have a little bossy (you know that "B" word) foster sister.  She just gives me the look and I know to leave her alone.  She thinks she runs the house, so I'll just let her keep thinking that.  Loud noises scare me sometimes.  Walks are awesome.  We've been going on several walks a day.  Snuggling is also great.  I love to lay next to my foster mom/dad.  Right now, as my foster mom is writing up my profile, I'm snoring and dreaming about chasing some bunnies.

Anyways, enough about me.  I want to know about you.  Do you think you are the perfect home for me?  If so, fill out an application/inquiry so we can get these introductions started!


If you are interested in adopting me...

  1. You must be a resident of Wisconsin (or the U.P. of Michigan). We rely on personal visits as the best opportunity for an applicant to learn about a dog. Please note that the dogs are located in foster homes throughout the state.
  2. You must have an application on file first. Please apply. Need more info about adopting first? Check out our adoption information for the whole scoop.
  3. Please use the form below to indicate your interest in me. Approved applicants and former adopters are welcome to inquire.
  4. If you need more information, it is helpful if you submit specific questions.
Please note that you must have an approved application on file prior to inquiring about a dog.


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