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This might seem like a sad update, but it will make you smile, too!

Just wanted to give you an update on Pacino who we adopted from Green Acres in 2009. We renamed him from Patches to Pacino because let me tell you, he was such a gangster!  Tough and crazy, and we loved every inch of his personality!

Today was his last morning with us.  He lost his battle with leukemia, but he was a survivor!  He made it 8 months from diagnosis (double the average!) and all 8 months were great until the very end.  He enjoyed his last day so much, all his family and friends came to say goodbye to him, he loved the attention, and he loved the special cheeseburger and fish sandwich from McDonald's...he couldn't decide which was better!

Pacino found the best forever home with me.  He was one of the craziest boxers you'll ever see, but as a runner, he was given an outlet for his endless amounts of energy.  His normal running week was 20 miles, and he'd come home from a 5 mile run with his sister Sadie and then play in the back with her for a couple more hours!  He got trail runs, runs on the mountain, bike paths, and frequent stay overs with grandma at her lake house - he was so spoiled, but never took it for granted.  His frequent kisses of thankfulness showed us how much he loved all we did for him.

From day one out of rescue he knew how good he had it and seemed to appreciate every bit of food, every hug, every comfy pillow, every pet and every single run.

He also had the fastest waggly tail you'll ever see.  If he heard the word treat, run, grandma, good boy, you name it, that tail would go so fast it was a blur.

No one could have loved his craziness as much as I did, he was meant to be my sweet boy.  My only regret is that I wish we would have had more time with him.  I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having us meet, he was one of the best gifts we will ever have in life.  Every minute with him was a gift.  Below is a video I wanted to share to remember the good times and the craziness and awesomeness he shared with us.  Pacino will be in our hearts forever.  I will miss my sweet boy so much, we love you Pacino!


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